Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Sleepover

We had our very first annual Christmas sleepover last night.  The kids had no idea.  After dinner we told them to go upstairs and get their covers, pillows and "friends" (stuffed animals they sleep with) and we told them the plan.  They were SO excited!  I can't remember where, but I read about a family that sleeps under their Christmas tree one night every year as a tradition.  I loved it and so we've taken the tradition and made it ours.  Well, technically we don't sleep under the tree . . . . there's too many of us to fit.  LOL!

Here are the kids watching a little Christmas movie before going to sleep.  

After they were all sleeping, I snapped some pictures.  I love pictures of the kids sleeping.  

Samara - still with the hat on!  

Victoria - all cozy!  

Austin and Denver - they somehow ended up on the same mattress  Too cute!  

Frodo - so happy to be able to join us for the slumber party!  No crate for one night.  
Mike - playing on his iPad - not quite ready to go to sleep when the kids did.  
We all slept really well and we're looking forward to carrying on the tradition next year!  


Anonymous said...

You guya are way to cute....

Catherine said...

Such sweeties sleeping under the tree.

Love this idea! May borrow it next year!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm sorry guys...

mc said...

Very fun! Did you guys sleep there too? And you all slept well? Impressive!

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