Monday, 6 May 2013

Monster Art

For art last week we just did a simple - but fun - monster activity.  I just took regular paint and watered it down quite a bit.  The kids dabbed different colours here and there on their page and then blew through a straw to make their monster shapes.  I got the idea from this website.  I realized after I took these pictures that I forgot to have the kids put mouths on their monsters . . . we might still have to do that or it's gonna drive me crazy!  

Here are the finished works of art:  

Denver's masterpiece

Victoria's masterpiece
Samara's masterpiece
Austin's masterpiece


Anonymous said...

So I see Austin decided his monsters had ONE eye! LOL good job guys...I would even try this one LOL

Victoria said...

I did mine with one eyes too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry :(so you did hmmmm I guess I need to pay closer attention :)

Catherine said...

What fun!!

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