Sunday, 30 June 2013

Pants or Shorts?

This morning when Samara got up and dressed, she came downstairs as I was sitting at my desk.  I heard her say, "What am I wearing Mom?  Pants or shorts?"  I quickly looked up and this is what I saw: 

So my response was, "You're wearing pants".  (obviously right?)  

Well, then the serious question turned into a fit of giggles as she turned around and said, "Nope . . . you're wrong!"  And here's what I saw: 

What a silly girl!  She's been playing so hard lately that a lot of her jeans have holes in the knees.  I've cut a few of them into shorts but I guess these ones didn't get done yet.  So she decided to use her imagination and wear them in a very creative way.  She told me that when she gets older, she's going to have a store and she will sell pants like these.  That way she can wear them and everyone else can wear them and they will just be the style.  I love it!  


Victoria said...

Nice, Samara. Typical Samara.

Anonymous said...

LOL. What a hoot! Move over Victoria you have a sister with design ideas ! Samara Grandma C will be your first customer!!

Catherine said...

Great fashion statement! I'm guessing if she wore them to high school for only one day the trend would catch on!

Heather said...

Oh, that's brilliant. The fact that she turned it into a joke is hilarious!

mc said...

Oh my goodness, this had me busting a gut! I love it! Pants or shorts? Haha!

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