Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Growing too fast

If you followed my old blog, you may remember these pictures.  Denver decided that Frodo's bed would be a great place to lie down and snuggle inside.  He actually fit perfectly curled up right inside.  

The other day, he had the same idea and decided to lie down inside Frodo's bed.  Oh my . . . look how much he's grown!!!  Doesn't look quite as cozy does it?  

In case you're wondering, there's 20 months difference between the top pictures and the bottom one.  


Anonymous said...

That is crazzzzzzy....put he is still a handsome dude !
xo Grandma C

Anonymous said... spelling eh???? I guess you know I meant... BUT
sorry :(

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! I thot that it was your summer visitor in the bottom pic! Wow! d

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