Saturday, 29 September 2012


On Friday mornings we get together with another family and do Art and Phys Ed together.  This week we did some leaf prints and sponge painting.  The kids painted the bumpy side of a leaf with white paint and then placed it on black construction paper.  With a piece of scrap paper over top, they gently rubbed it to make sure they would get a complete leaf print when they lifted it up.  They repeated this a few times so there would be multiple leaf prints on the page.  Then everyone got a few dabs of green, yellow and red paint and a sponge so they could add some fall colours around the leaves.  Samara and Denver kind of kept their red and yellow separate but Victoria and Austin blended their red and yellow to make a nice orange.  I wasn't sure how tricky it would be for the younger kids but they did a really good job and everyone enjoyed it.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the kids actually doing the art, but I can post the finished product.  I love how they all turned out.  

Denver's Masterpiece

Samara's Masterpiece

Austin's Masterpiece
Victoria's Masterpiece


Anonymous said...

They look amazing guys!Framing them I hope?
xo Grandma C

Anonymous said...

I love fall crafts! They all turned out great!

Anonymous said...

Um, okay, so can you please let me know what art projects you are doing so we can copy them???? Thanks. They look awesome!

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