Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Another good run

On Sunday, I laced up my shoes and set out for the annual 5k run I always participate in.  

This year I had the privilege of running with a buddy.  Austin had been asking for a long time if he could do the run with me.  So a few months ago, I told him if he was serious, he had to start training.  So that's just what he did.  I started slow with him and increased the distance bit by bit until he was able to join me in a 5k run.  After participating in this run for five years on my own, it was nice to have someone to do it with this time around.  I am so proud of his determination and his desire to run for a good cause.  Good job Austin!  Same time, same place next year??  

Who I was running for.  
Who Austin was running for. 
Getting ready to start.  

There's always so many people participating in this particular run that Mike and the kids had a hard time spotting us as we were nearing the finish line.  They didn't see us until we were almost right in front of them.  So the camera came out when we were already past (which is totally fine with me!)

I love how we're running in sync - right leg, left leg . . . 

Isn't he cute?  Check out that red face.  What a workout!  


Anonymous said...

What a boy...Grandpa & Grandma are so very proud...of you BOTH !! Well done

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