Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Fair

A couple of Fridays ago, we had an opportunity to attend one of the fall fairs in our area.  On this particular Friday, all teachers and students were admitted for free and that even included homeschoolers!  So off we went to the fair and met up with friends.  Unfortunately one of our friends got sick and they had to leave (we missed you MC, Y and S!)  But we had a great time walking around seeing all the different animals, crafts, shows, rides and games.  There was a lot to see and even a lot to learn about.  I appreciated some of the people there taking the time to talk to the kids about the animals and they were great at answering any questions the kids had. 

One of the highlights was holding and petting some of the little baby animals.  There were ducklings, chicks, bunnies, etc.  The kids were taught how to hold them properly and loved snuggling with them.  

Denver wasn't a big fan and didn't want to hold anything until the baby chicks were brought out.  And then he held one and was all smiles.  In fact, when everyone had a turn, he wanted to hold another one!  

Victoria's favourite part of the day was the dog show.  It was neat to see how high those dogs could jump and when we got home, Victoria started working on it with Frodo.  She had him jumping over a broomstick held up by two piles of books in no time.  

And what's a fair without a man juggling fire while walking barefoot on broken glass?

We spent a little bit of money (is that possible??) on the rides.  The kids (and me) each had a turn going down the giant slide which was a hit.  Victoria went down twice as she didn't want to ride the carousel.   

Denver didn't want to ride the giant slide.  He was 
determined to ride on the helicopter.  It didn't matter to him that no one else wanted to go on it . . . in fact he was the only kid on the whole ride!   As you can see from his face, he loved it!

We also enjoyed looking at all the crafts and things that kids had entered in the school fair building.  We were inspired to enter our own creations into the fair.  In fact we're working on them right now and we will enter them into another local fair on Thanksgiving weekend.  


Anonymous said...

When I was in Grade 1 we had chicks in our classroom. When everyone else was in class we would let them walk around outside!

The giant slide is my favourite ride! Ask Z! Took her on it many many times in her life. Still excites me!

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