Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sleep randomness

This post is just a bunch of random pictures taken over the last week or so . . . but they all have to do with sleep. 

When we were at the cottage a few weeks ago, the kids thought it would be fun to switch roommates for the week.  So Victoria and Austin shared a room and Samara and Denver shared a room.   Denver slept on the bottom bunk and Samara slept on a single bed in the same room.  We shoved a dresser in between the two beds to prevent them from falling out.  On the first night, everyone was tuckered right out and fell asleep really quickly.  When Mike and I went to bed, we checked on the kids and this is what we found in Samara and Denver’s room:

We didn't even hear her come out of her bed and into Denver’s.  Isn't it so precious how they’re snuggled right up together?  It was too cute not to take a picture!   

The other night when we asked Denver to go get ready for bed, I heard him calling me a few minutes later.  When I went to tuck him, he was waiting ever so patiently for me.  I love the pose!

The other night Austin was away at a sleepover and so Denver was alone in his bedroom.  He really missed his roommate!  Their beds are just mattresses on the floor right now as we’re doing renos.  Instead of sleeping on his own mattress, I found that he had crawled all the way over onto Austin’s mattress. 

Victoria called me to come and see something the other morning.  She had Frodo all tucked in for a nap . . . in her bed!  

And that's it for the random sleep pics.


Anonymous said...

Too Cute!
I love how Samara and Den are all snuggled up. And Denver's pose makes him look so grown up. Aw Frodo!

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