Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Big Melt

Notice I didn't say the big meltdown??  Although we have those around here sometime too!  LOL!  

Anyway, it was warm and rainy yesterday so a lot of our beautiful white stuff melted.  Oh so sad.  I was hoping it would last for more than a few days but I guess not.  But thankfully there was still enough snow for Austin to get outside and make a snowman.  I'm hoping it's not the last snowman that will show up in our yard this season.  

Poor Frodo.  When he goes outside now to "do his business" he growls and barks at this stranger that has invaded his territory.  Oh Frodo . . . it's not alive you silly dog!  


Victoria said...

WOW!!!! Congrats Austin!!
Slushie looks very cute!

Austin said...


Denise said...

Love that snowman! I have a pic of that handsome dude in MY backyard with a snowman too!

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