Thursday, 7 February 2013

We have a winner!

A few weeks ago Samara and I were out and about doing errands.  One of our stops was at the bank.  When I was waiting in line, Samara was drawn to a table they had set up with balloons and cookies and five green piggy banks filled with pennies.  A few of the tellers saw her looking at it and encouraged her to fill out a ballot to guess how many pennies were in the piggies.  So we filled one out and she took her best guess and off we went not thinking much more about it.  She was just happy to get a cookie!  

A few days later we received a phone call from the bank that Samara had won!  So she got to go back into the bank and pick up one of the piggy banks.  She had a choice - she could either take the piggy bank full of pennies or she could get a ten dollar bill.  Well, she was torn about that decision. She had just learned about the fact that they weren't going to be making pennies any more so she really didn't want the pennies BUT she did want the green piggy bank.  As it turns out, if she wanted a ten dollar bill, they would put it inside the piggy bank and she would get to have both.  So the decision was made and off we went to the bank to pick up her prize.  She was so excited!  

If you know Samara, you'll know she loves to save her money.  It's a rare day when she wants to spend any of her own money.  But on this day she took some of the money she had saved up and along with her ten dollar bill, she went and bought herself a nice Lego set.  Good for you Samara!  


Catherine said...

Great guessing Samara! A green piggy and Lego? Fun choices!!

Anonymous said...

Wow she actually spent money LOL

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