Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Book Review: Nowhere but Up

I'm not sure why I picked up this book to read.  I guess it was just curiosity.  It was a relatively quick read and what a story!  The amount of trauma and abuse she experienced at such a young age is quite unbelievable.  As a teen mom with a drug and alcohol dependence issue she was trying to overcome, God just wouldn't give up on her.  At one point she intentionally made a decision to just write God off.  She was frustrated with the fact that she had fallen back into her old ways of drugs and alcohol and assumed God wasn't present.  But He was and He just kept showing Himself to her in a variety of ways that were just too coincidental.  So amazing.  She sure has a great testimony.  It was interesting to read about how Justin came to be so famous too.  He was a talented little guy from a very young age . . . a real natural. 

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  It’s an interesting read and great proof that no matter how far we fall away from God, He will never give up on us.  


Anonymous said...

This looks like a book I would like to read. Thanks for the review!

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