Saturday, 16 March 2013

Another Bookstore Outing

I took the kids back to the bookstore on Wednesday for another program.  This one was a Lego program.  They loved it.  They sat and listened to a story first.  It was called "The Black Rabbit" about a rabbit who was always followed by a black rabbit that he was scared of.  One day a fox came along but was scared off by the black rabbit . . . which turned out to be the white rabbit's shadow.  So cute.  

Then they each got their own little Lego set . . . all the pieces to put together a little Easter chick.  It came in a little gift bag with the instructions to put it all together.  They also got their own VIP Ninjago badge so Samara is planning to work at the bookstore when she gets a little bigger . . . just like the lady!  

The kids had taken along some of their own money and since the Lego mini figures were on sale, they each picked  one out and bought it.  

And the whole outing was topped off by visiting Daddy at work and taking him out for lunch.  Fun!  


Anonymous said...

I Love how they both watch and listen with concentration...and Luv the Lego !!!

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