Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cross it off . . .

One more project completed and crossed off the list.  

2010/2011 Scrapbooks

What a good feeling.  I went away scrapbooking last weekend and completed this project.  Here they are.  The 2011 albums are done (and so are the 2010 ones!)  

And just to make this post more interesting, here is a page from each book:  


Anonymous said...


Catherine said...

Oh man!!! Your beautiful pages make me want to run home right now and pull out my scrapbooking!! I've been itching to start again and this just spurs it on.

Great job Mom!! What a treasure these books are and will be!

What do you use to make your titles? I love cut titles but normally do them by hand which takes forever and doesn't always look the best.

Thankfully I have a little scrapper in the making and I can't wait to share this joy with her!!

Victoria said...

Love it Mom!

Anonymous said...

Nice...however..what took you so long LOL

Anonymous said...

So? thats all?

Anonymous said...

Hey....I was kinda there that weekend and didn't know you completed them! Good job! Must feel great!

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