Sunday, 3 March 2013

ER Visit

Guess where we spent a few hours one evening last week?  The emergency room!  Victoria hurt her arm and it was sore initially but then not so much.  Until she got up off her bed the next day, pushing up with the arm that was hurt. Excruciating pain shot up her arm and that's when we decided she should probably go in and get it checked out.  So off to emergency we went.  After sitting there for two hours, no one had even been called in and Victoria kept asking if we could just leave.  She said her arm felt better and she was tired and thirsty.  (not allowed to eat or drink just in case).  I was texting Mike and and trying to decide what to do. Three ambulances had pulled up and I figured we had a very long wait ahead of us.  So we decided we would leave and then probably head into our family doctor clinic the following day.  I went up to the desk and told them that we were just going to leave.  The receptionist told me she would let triage know.  Before I knew it, they were checking Victoria's arm and sending us off to x-ray.  X-ray was quick and then we waited some more.  They called our name and then guess what?  We waited more.  LOL!  Here's Victoria when we finally got called into a room where we were waiting for the doctor to come.  Doesn't she look excited?  

Anyway, the doctor finally came in to see us and said she actually has a fracture.  I have to admit, I was a little surprised   I just assumed it was nothing and we'd go home at least feeling better that we had checked it out and confirmed it was nothing.  But I guess not.  They fitted her into this splint and apologized they didn't have any pink ones left.   

I'm glad things were sped up when we had decided to leave.  Although I have to say, we were still there for at least two more hours.  Four hours in total . . . yawn!  So she has to keep it on for three weeks and then have it reassessed to make sure it's healed.  I'm so glad for her sake that it's not summer cause it's pretty hot wearing the splint all the time.  And hopefully three weeks will go by fast.  

And that's enough excitement around here for a while.  


Catherine said...

Ugh! Not fun at all. So glad you stayed to have it seen.

Victoria's story sounds exactly like mine when I was just a bit older than her. I broke mine doing a cartwheel at cheerleading tryouts. It didn't swell but when I went to sit up in bed later that night it was grinding and I knew that wasn't right. Difference is I went to the hospital and they said the x-rays showed no break...until my doctor saw the x=rays 4 days later and confirmed a break!

Hopefully it heals well! Until then I don't think you're able to do any chores Victoria so that you can properly rest your arm! ;o)

Anonymous said...

She looks absolutely thrilled!
I'm sure I could think of some things more exciting to do! Hope it's healing well!

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