Sunday, 24 March 2013

Finish that Picture

For art this past week, the kids each got a picture from a magazine . . . cut in half.  All they had to do was glue it on a plain white piece of paper and complete the picture.  I have to admit, I forgot about our Friday art time and so I was scrambling a bit.  However, the kids had a really good time and were up for the challenge.  We discussed symmetry and whether or not they thought their picture was symmetrical before it was cut in half.  And we talked about ways they could complete the picture so it was either symmetrical or not symmetrical.   The only requirement was that they fill up the whole page . . . no white paper showing.  I have to say, they did a really great job!  

This was Austin's.  He actually picked this picture and I was surprised he chose such a challenging one.  People aren't always easy to draw.  I love the way he added a present onto her other hand and the stack of presents at the bottom is great!  

I chose a picture that had a whole bunch of wrapped presents on it for Denver. However, he decided to pick his own picture and chose this one of a closet full of tea.  It was challenging and he really wasn't very interested in it.  But he participated and what more can I ask right??  

Samara picked a picture of cutlery.  I thought she did an excellent job.  She even made sure she completed the bottoms and tops of each piece of cutlery at the right angle.  So well done.  

I chose this one for Victoria because of her love of dogs.  I love the way she perked his one ear up.  She did a really good job too.  

 Considering it was a "let's just wing it" kind of art project, I was pleased with the outcome.  Good job guys!  


Anonymous said...

I Love them !! What a cool art project...well done Teacher

Anonymous said...

So glad I am back to see all the Bloging!

Victoria said...

I LOVE DOGS!!!!!! Heehee?

Anonymous said...

They did a great job! Almost makes me want to try it. Key word being....almost!!

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