Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Book Review: Star Wars Folded Flyers

The boys received this book for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa and what a hit!  The book features six different Starfighters, information on each one and detailed instructions on how to make each one.  The back of the book has the paper to make five of each flyer.  It also comes with a sheet of sticky tape which is so handy.  We always seem to be looking for our roll of tape which is always missing so having it right in the book is so great!  

Austin has enjoyed making these flyers and although Denver is a little too young to make them, he has enjoyed flying them when his big brother makes them.  

Here are a few of the different flyers that Austin made the other day:

And then, when they were all ready, the kids went out to the backyard and had a flying contest with the different flyers.  Denver is the announcer - thus the hand in front of the mouth - to make his voice sound more announcer-like.  :)

Some of them went super far and some of them did dips and turns and twists without going very far.  We measured the distance that the farthest flyer flew (say that three times fast!) and the winner was . . . (drum roll please) . . . the BTL-B Y-Wing ship at a whopping 81.25 feet!  So fun!  


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Wow,such fun eh!!!

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