Sunday, 25 August 2013

Pinspiration - Shadows and Chalk

I was showing Victoria some of things I had pinned a while ago and she thought this activity looked like fun.  So as soon as we had some fresh sticks of sidewalk chalk and a sunny day, out she went.  It's a simple activity but kinda fun.  I think it's easier to do it with two people as one can stand still while the other draws the faces and accessories.  But she did most of these on their own and they turned out well.  It was interesting how quickly the sun was moving (this was closer to the end of the day) because when she had drawn some, came in the house to get me to come out and then when she stood there again, she had to maneuver her head to fit the face as the shadow was in a different position.  Just one more thing to add to our list of fun with chalk.  


Anonymous said...

LOL! That's a good activity to do on a nice sunny day. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool...great job Victoria!....miss you xo Grandma C

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