Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Organizing 101 - Recipes

I'm working on organizing our house . . . one area at a time.  So I started with my recipes.  I had a binder going but it was quite unorganized and not efficient so I brought it up a notch . . . and made it pretty of course!  Here it is:

Here you can see the tabs:

All the recipes are in page protectors so that they can be wiped if (when) spills happen.  I have a shelf full of recipe books which I should use more often but just don't.  This recipe binder is more for recipes I tear out of magazines, print from websites/blogs or recipes I use all the time.  If there's a recipe in one of my recipe books that I find myself going back to all the time, instead of getting the book out for that one recipe, I photocopy it and stick it in this binder.  That way I have easier access to it and that specific recipe can be taken right out of the binder to use.  Love it!  


Anonymous said...

What!! That is way to organized girl!!

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