Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Minion cupcakes

Victoria loves to bake.  She is constantly pulling out ingredients and throwing together some sort of treat for us.  I barely ever bake anymore because she does so much . . . and I'm okay with that!  

The other day she got a request from Aunt Christy to make some minion cupcakes.  So we searched out all the different ideas online and set out to get our supplies.  There were a few things that were outside the normal for us.  We don't usually have rockets and twinkies in our house.  In fact, I didn't even know they still made twinkies!  Brings me right back to my childhood!  

Anyway, the cupcakes were baked and the icing was made.  

First step for the minions is to cut the twinkies all in half.  

Each half twinkie then gets rockets for eyes - some got one eye, some got two.  They were stuck on with icing.  

Then a tube of black icing was used to outline the eyes, make an pupil and draw lines down the sides of the twinkies (I think those are the arms of the glasses??)  And last but not least, mouths were drawn on with the same tube of black icing.  The eyes and the mouths really made the minions quirky. Victoria made some of them looking up or sideways and some of the mouths were also half smiles - kind of like smirks.

When they were all ready and each cupcake was iced, a minion was placed on the top of each one.  

Here they are completely done.  They turned out so cute!

Wouldn't it make you smile to open your fridge and see this?  

You did a great job Victoria!  Aunt Christy was so pleased with the results.  


Anonymous said...

Oh! Well done Victoria!! You have a natural talent for baking!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those look good! Awesome.

mc said...

Victoria, great job! These are so cute!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think I'll make some myself! =D

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