Sunday, 27 January 2013


This post is WAY overdue but I wanted to post it still.   In October the kids and I went on a field trip to a bamboo farm.  

It was so interesting and the kids learned so much about how bamboo is grown and the many different things bamboo is used for.  

Each of the kids got to plant their own bamboo plant.  

When it comes time to harvest the plants, we will be able to visit the zoo where the pandas will be fed with the very bamboo we planted.  So cool!  This was one of my favourite field trips and the kids loved it too.  


Catherine said...

Love this!! I need to find out more from you about where this is and if it's open to the general public or if you were able to visit due to home schooling? What a fun thing to do!!

Denise said...

When do you go to the zoo? It would be fun to come with the girls and watch you!

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