Monday, 21 January 2013

Finished Scarves

The scarves for the kids are complete . . . cross it off the list baby!!  I'm so happy to have one item from my to do list done and just in time for this freezing cold weather we're having.  Here are the kids modelling their scarves.  

When I asked for a nice group shot . . . this is what I got.

This is what I had to settle for.  Kinda dark but I didn't want to push my luck by making them sit longer.  

One item done . . . 19 to go!!


Denise said...


Catherine said...

Beautiful job! Love the yarn you used for Victoria's. Hannah asked me to make her a scarf Friday so that was my weekend project too! Brrr....our kiddos need those scarves this week!

Stay warm!

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