Sunday, 13 January 2013

The list

So my goal this year is to complete projects that have been started and never finished.  I've come up with 20 things that I would love to cross off my to do list.  In no particular order here they are:  

1.       Read through the Bible in a year (or two)
Started this last year.  Hope to finish it this year. 

2.       Organize Lego
Austin has received quite a few Lego sets over the years but they’ve all gotten mixed in together.  Every once in a while he would like to build one of the sets but the pieces are hard to find or they’re missing.  So we have started putting them together and making a list of pieces we need to order.  It’s a big job but it will be a good feeling when it’s done. 

 3.       2010/2011 Scrapbooks
    I make scrapbooks for the kids and the 2010 and 2011 books are just about done.  I have about six more double page layouts to do and then have to put them all together. 

4.       Garage Door
It’s been sanded . . . needs to be painted.    

5.       Journey to Denver blog book
After Samara came home, I took the blog we created and used this company to turn it into a book.  I would like to do the same thing for Denver.  I’ve started it (many times) and just haven’t finished it. 

6.       Sew stockings
I’ve had the material to make burlap Christmas stockings for about a year and a half but it’s still a pile of fabric.  I always think I’ll do these things in November or December but life is too busy at that time.  I’m thinking I’ll have to tackle them in the summer months. 

7.       Knit scarves
Two out of four kids got scarves for Christmas.  (No, I don’t pick favourites!).  I ran out of time in December (gonna have to blame it on being sick again).  Two more to go  . . .

8.       Knit throw
I received this amazing yarn from my MIL (was it two or three years ago??) to knit a throw for the couch.  I can’t wait to do it but it just hasn’t happened yet.  (After I took this picture, the yarn was on the couch and Frodo got into it.  He had a great ol’ time throwing it all over the living room – what a mess!  Thankfully it was all saved and none of it had to be thrown out . . . phew!) 

9.       Knit from yarn stash
I have to stop adding to my yarn stash and use what I have.  This picture is only a very small portion of it.   Sigh . . .  note to self:  stop buying yarn for projects you want to do and finish the ones you have at home!! 

10.   Paint bedroom
Our master bedroom is one of the only rooms in the house that hasn’t been painted.  The wallpaper has been mostly peeled off but some of it is still there (taunting me). 

11.   Samara’s lifebook
I’ve had Samara’s lifebook done for quite a few years.  Well . . . almost done.  There’s just one page that’s blank – the country page.  Just gotta do it! 

12.   Memorize book of James
I completed this study with my Bible study group in December.  One of the challenges was to memorize the book of James.  My first thought was “there’s no way I can do that!” but then it kept coming back to me so I’ve decided to attempt it.  I’m not very far yet but I’m giving myself a year – should be more than enough time. 

13.   Sew skirt for Victoria
I have the pieces all cut out . . . just need to sew them together. 

14.   Sewing project
Have plans to make something out of this.  Gotta stop procrastinating. 

15.   Another sewing project
Ditto to above point. 

16.   Dings in kitchen paint
Our kitchen walls – especially the trim – has been so banged up over the years.  Needs to be sanded and repainted.  Don't you love the purple underneath??  Yikes! 

17.   Dings in dining room wall
I love, love, LOVE my Louisiana Hot Sauce walls in our dining room but every time they get banged (which happens a lot with four kids and a dog), it makes a white mark which looks pretty ugly.  They’ve been touched up in the past but definitely needs doing again. 

18.   Birch bark Christmas trees
Two falls ago, the kids and I collected quite a bit of birch bark when we were camping (off of dead, fallen birch trees!).  I made a few birch bark Christmas trees.  When I went to put mine up this year, I realized I had given them all away.  Soooooo . . . I need to make some more.  Another summer project?? 

19.   Paint doors upstairs
Most have been primed . . . just need the top coat.  Enough said.

20.   Start Denver’s Lifebook
Notice I didn’t say finish?  I know that starting the book is a HUGE stretch so I’m not even going to challenge myself to finish it.  It just isn’t going to happen.  The task overwhelms me – it’s complicated.  That’s all.  Just start.  Do it. 

And that’s it.  A pep talk once in a while throughout the year would be helpful.  Oh man, I can’t even imagine what it will feel like to get through this list.  Rollin’ up the sleeves and gettin’ started!  


Catherine said...

Good for you!! So many wonderful projects ahead of you! What one are you going to start first?

The two things (yah...only 2) I want to be sure to accomplish this year are:
1. Write a Will
2. Create a Lifebook for Hannah

All the best with your projects friend!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's just way overwhelming to me.... Not that it can't be done in a year, but the commitment, publicly, to intend to do it. Good for you! I spent a day in my attic already?!!? Pretty happy bout that one!

mc said...

There are lots of things on your list that I am not capable of:) I have this kind of list running in the back of my mind all the time, and I like the idea of writing it out! Hmmm...

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