Thursday, 31 January 2013

Winter Trees Art

We started this art project way back at the end of November and just got to finishing it last week.  I don't think I got any pictures of the first part of the process unfortunately.  The idea came from here.  The kids started by gluing all kinds of pieces of tissue paper onto a plain white piece of paper.  That was the part done a few months ago.  

The next step was cutting triangles out of the colourful paper - to form the top of the trees.  Trunks were cut out of brown paper.  They glued white paper across the bottom of a blue piece of paper.  Then they glued the colourful tree tops and the brown trunks on.  And then the best part was last . . . glitter!  They covered the whole picture in watered down glue and sprinkled glitter all over it.  

 I love how they turned out.  So pretty.  






Denise said...

They're beautiful! I love how all four of them can do the same projects with such great results! What a talented group....or is it the teacher?!?

Anonymous said...

Cool....what talented kids!

Catherine said...

Beautiful! I love the way each shows a unique personality. Mine would be much like Victoria's but I love the creativity of Austin's tree's extending over the edge of the page. Never would have thought of that. Such a great project!

Heather said...

LOVE these!!
What an inspiration!
Still missing your input in the group! lol.
See what you have to offer? :)

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