Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Free tickets for family fun

The week before Christmas, someone put six tickets on Mike's desk at work.  Tickets to see this:  

The kids got the tickets in their stockings and were so excited!  We went this past Friday and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  The first half of the show featured The Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell and Cars . . . and of course the Mickey Mouse gang was hosting.  Denver's favourite part was when Mickey and Minnie's car broke down and guess who had to come and help??  Mater!  The second half featured Toy Story III.  The kids were so intrigued and mesmerized by all the lights and action.  It's hard to take good pictures so I didn't get any of the kids.  But here are a few of the show.  

This same "Santa" at Mike's work also gave us tickets for another show in a few weeks.  Stay tuned  . . . 


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful "Christmas Story" Someone out there showing their spirit of Giving....So happy for you and your "Santa"
xo Grandma C

Catherine said...

SO fun! What an awesome gift to receive!!

We went Sunday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it too!

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