Monday, 28 January 2013

Ice Balloons

These outdoor decorations were started a week or two ago - before we did the cranberry and cedar decorations.  I saw the idea at this website and thought it looked like fun.  So Victoria and I filled up a bunch of balloons with water and added food colouring.  

We VERY carefully placed them in the freezer.  

You can also place them outside to freeze but our weather is so unpredictable, we froze them in the freezer.  I was worried about them popping and make a mess in the freezer but thankfully that didn't happen.  They froze fairly quickly but we wanted to make sure there was snow on the ground when we put them outside.  So today was the day.  It may actually be the last day we have snow for a while since it's going to warm up considerably over the next few days.  Victoria peeled the balloons off - they came off quite easily as they were already starting to peel off themselves.  

And one by one, she carried them outside and placed them in the snow.  

I wasn't sure if the colours were bold enough but once they were in the white snow, they looked great!  

Frodo isn't too sure about the big, coloured, frozen balloons in our backyard.  He checks them out every time he goes out.  LOL!  


Catherine said...

So pretty!

PS - How did you put the holes in the ice blocks with the cranberries? Did you use a drill?

Denise said...

These are so cool. I've seen it done with candles put inside. Super pretty.

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