Sunday, 8 September 2013

A week at the cottage

For the last four years, we've taken the kids away for a family vacation during the first week of September and this year was no exception.  This year we headed up to a cottage.  The weather was kind of overcast and gray and we had a bit of rain but it didn't stop us from enjoying our time together.  We drove two vehicles up this year so that we could take the kids' bikes along.  Austin, Samara and Denver went in the back of Daddy's truck and Victoria came in the van to keep me company.  We drove caravan style with Mike and the three kids leading the way.  

Mike had the idea of suggesting the kids bring along their walkie talkies so they could chat while we drove.  I scrounged through boxes and boxes and finally located them just before we were about to leave!   (I still have some unpacking to do!)  Anyway, the kids had a lot fun with that and made the ride go by a lot faster.  

Oh ya, and I better not forget to mention Frodo.  He was also along in the van to help keep me company!  

More cottage posts to follow . . . 


Anonymous said...

WHAT that's it!! That is just a tease girl

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