Saturday, 14 September 2013

Art - Crayon and Shoe Polish Batik

Our art project this week was a type of batik (the idea came from here).  The kids each got a blank piece of printer paper and covered it in crayon.  The goal was to colour quite dark and completely cover it so no white was showing.  The next step was to crinkle them into a ball and squish them up, flatten them out and then repeat a few more times.  Here they are all coloured, crinkled and ready to go.  

The next step was to take shoe polish and smear it all over the artwork.  We used a sponge for this part so we wouldn't use too much.  The paper gets a little more fragile after it's been crinkled so you have to be careful when applying the shoe polish.  Denver's got torn in the middle at this step but I think it actually adds to the piece and looks pretty cool.  When we were done, we mounted it on black cardstock and called it a success!  

Samara's masterpiece
Austin's masterpiece
Denver's masterpiece
Victoria's masterpiece


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