Saturday, 14 September 2013

More cupcakes

This time Aunt Christy requested Cookie Monster cupcakes . . . and Victoria was up for the challenge.  She started with chocolate cupcakes.  

She made plain white icing (vanilla) which needed to somehow become blue.  I know there are products you can buy to make icing the colour you want it but we're not there yet.  So instead of using a bottle or two of food colouring (it takes a lot to make it dark and also makes the icing watery), we used jello powder to colour it (idea from here).  It works amazing and also flavours the icing at the same time.  We still actually used a few drops of blue food colouring to make it a bit darker.  

Next came the tricky part.  Victoria used the tip that has all the little holes in it to make the icing come out "hairy" or like grass.  It was hard because it kept clogging and we would have to take it off and rinse it out every few minutes.  Kinda frustrating . . . but it was worth it.  

Then she took mini chocolate chip cookies and stuck them on for Cookie Monster to eat.  

She used white icing for eyes and stuck chocolate chips in them for the pupils.  I wasn't sure if the chocolate chips would be too big as we just had regular sized ones but they were perfect.  

And here is the end result.  I love them.  They are so cute!  

Good work Victoria!  Aunt Christy obviously loved them!  


Anonymous said...

WOW nice ! Good job Victoria,yes Aunt Christy looks very happy !!

Catherine said...

Those are great!! Awesome job Victoria!

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