Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Bring it on!

Our family is quite into (read: addicted to) M@sterChef.  We watch it faithfully every week and record it if we're not going to be around.  Mike and I followed it for the first time last season but this year the kids are into it too.  I'm not sure how that happened because they're either in bed or heading to bed when it's on but somehow they got interested and now Mike and I record it while we watch it on Wednesday nights and the kids watch it on Thursday.  Unfortunately the language isn't always the greatest, and although they "beep" out some of the worst words, there are still words that Fox network and us have a difference of opinion on.  LOL!  Anyway, we have an agreement with the kids that if we hear them using any of the language they hear on the show, they will never watch it again.  Seems to work so far!  

Anyway, tonight is the final night and we will find out who wins overall.  We're SO excited!  I may be the only one cheering for Natasha as everyone else here really likes Luca.  I won't care either way because I also like Luca but I just think Natasha is a better cook.  So we'll see what happens.  Of course I'll have to be careful not to say anything until the kids have watched it tomorrow afternoon!  Can't wait!  


Catherine said...

Such a great show!! Found it last year for the first time too and was totally impressed with Christina!! she is amazing!!

I have to say i was really happy with the results! (Not sharing it here unless some have not read) but the winner was the one I would have chosen too! When they brought out the family I teared up!

Great show! Excited for the kids version that is starting soon. Have you seen the Guy and Raechel kids cooking show? Might be another one to watch and there is even a little guy from Ontario on it!

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