Saturday, 21 September 2013

New shoes and new skill

This post is also from quite a while ago but I wanted to still get it on the blog.  Samara had been asking me over and over again for new running shoes.  I kept telling her that she didn't need new ones because the ones she had were perfectly fine.  But she insisted that she didn't like the ones she had and she had her eyes on a new pair at the store.  She had them all picked out and asked me about them every time that specific store was mentioned.  So one day she was out shopping with Daddy and guess what she came home with?  Yep . . . new shoes!  

I guess she hadn't been asking the right person all along.  LOL!  Anyway, these particular shoes she wanted so badly were shoes with laces so I told her that she needed to learn to tie them by herself.   Up to this point, she never really had a reason to learn to tie.  In fact, I'm pretty sure with all the velcro and slip on shoes they make now, a person could get through life without ever learning how to tie a shoe.  But she was bound and determined to get these new shoes and now she was bound and determined to learn to tie them.  We tried learning the traditional way but it's actually pretty complicated.  I found it difficult to teach and difficult to learn.   And then I remembered something I had pinned a while ago and went to look it up.  It's called "magic fingers" and it's a different way to teach a child to tie their shoes.  I watched the video a few times over and figured out how to do it.  I showed Samara and in no time she was tying those shoes on her own!  

It's so cool and she surprises anyone that sees her do it.  I took a video of her tying them using the magic fingers method and I will try to post it here.  It's my first time adding a video to the blog so I hope it works! 


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Good girl, Samara. =)

Anonymous said...

I completely need to be shown this next time I come for cupcake pick up! That is amazingly cool. I totally dig the laces by the way!

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