Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Falling Back in Space

I had Victoria and Austin work on these "falling back in space" pictures just for fun.  I got the idea from this website.  They started by tracing their hands and feet on a large piece of paper and then added in the head and arms and legs and finished up with other details.  Then they outlined the picture with a black sharpie marker and finished it with puck paints.  And there you have it . . . falling back in space.  I think they turned out great and Victoria and Austin had a lot of fun creating them.  Austin decided to make his a little freaky by making the eyes red and giving him some nice yellow buck teeth.  Beautiful.  I guess it's for Halloween.  LOL!  


Anonymous said...

Great job guys! I love them. What a cool idea!

Catherine said...

Those are really neat! Love that idea for when Hannah gets older! Going to check out your link.

Victoria said...

Austin's is kinda creepy


Anonymous said...

Totally Awesome!
I want to try that!

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