Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Random notes to make people smile

The other day the kids and I went away on a day trip.  The kids knew we would be gone all day and when Mike came home for lunch and to let the dog out, this is what he found on the table:  

Victoria loves leaving notes around for people to find.  It's so special.  She has left them on our pillows so we find them when we go to bed.  She has left them in Mike's lunch so he finds them when he's at work.  She has left them for her siblings in various places.  It's always an unexpected surprise that we all love.  She has a real gift for making people smile this way and I hope she keeps it up for the rest of her life.    


Anonymous said...

What a special special young girl she is....We Love you to pieces Victoria
xoxo G&G C

Catherine said...

So sweet! Love notes from a precious little girl.

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