Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I made Falafel!

That's right . . . I made Falafel!  And who knew they would be so good!?!  YUMMY!  I got the recipe from here and the picture came from there too.  I'm just getting back into this blogging thing so I didn't remember to take a picture of my food (I'm not sure that will ever come naturally to me!) but mine looked very similar. I got the recipe for the sauce I put on top from here.  It too was so good!  

A funny story.  When I went to start making the Falafel, I was opening the can of chick peas and Austin walked into the kitchen.  The conversation went something like this:

Austin:  Did you get those chick peas in the good food box Mom?
Me:  Nope. 
Austin:  No??  Then where did you get them?
Me:  I bought them.  
Austin:  WHAT??  Why would anyone want to buy chick peas???  

LOL!  So typical of Austin - it made me laugh so hard.  Cause seriously, if it's weird or different than something we would normally eat, it must've come from the good food box!  

(He was also shocked to find out that hummus - something we often have in the house - is made from chick peas.)


Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy. I love hearing your kids' comments!

Victoria said...

I would never dream of trying one. No offense...


mc said...

I've never made falafel! I'm impressed!! I love Austin's assumption that there is no way you would have CHOSEN to buy chick peas!! Maybe you should get him peeling those chick peas for you for that smooth, creamy hummus!

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