Wednesday, 31 October 2012

No pictures please

This is the book I'm currently reading with the kids.  

We enjoy Jean Little's novels - I think this is the second or third one of hers we've read this year.  Today when we were reading it, I turned the book around to show the kids the picture on the page we were reading.  All I heard was "NO!!!!" which shocked me.  I thought kids liked seeing pictures in books??  When I asked what the problem was, they explained to me that they had the story imagined in their heads and they picture the characters in a certain way.  When novels have pictures in them, it totally ruins the pictures they've already created in their heads.  Hmmmm . . . that makes so much sense.  I'm so thankful God created us with imaginations and the ability to use them in our everyday work and play.  And now I know not to interfere with these imaginations when we're doing our read alouds!  


Catherine said...

Oh how I love Jean Little! I'd completely forgotten about her novels! Will need to put them on my radar for a few years from now.

Your kids are so right! I love their imaginations!

Victoria said...

I just imagine them different then the pictures in the book...


Anonymous said...

I find it disappointing when you see a movie after reading a book because usually you already have a picture in your mind and the movie messes it up too!
R loves to read Jean Little too. She did a project on her a year or two ago and read a bunch more of her books then too.

Anonymous said...

Me too!
I imagine them different than the pictures in the book.

mc said...

I really don't like seeing a movie before a book (ie. The Help) because then I can't use my imagination for the characters!! I'm with your kids, and I love that they don't want to see the pictures!

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