Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Thankful for Church

We had an amazing Thanksgiving service at church on Sunday morning.  It was Compassion Sunday where the focus was on how, because we’ve been so very blessed, we can reach out to help those less fortunate in the world.  Our church’s focus is particularly on Haiti. 

Geoff Moore led the worship which was very moving.  He shared stories about his family and their adoption journeys as well as their experience supporting Compassion International.  Mike and I have been fans of his for a long time so we were excited when we heard he was coming to our church.  We had an opportunity to chat with him after the service.  Mike told him about how when he first became a Christian, his was one of the first Christian cd’s he owned.  We also shared with him how we had watched an interview with him and his wife where they spoke about their adoption journeys  and how that was one of the things that helped kick our adoption journey into action all those years ago.  He told us that was one of the only public interviews his wife did as she isn’t big on public appearances.  So it’s cool that we happened to see it at that particular point in our lives and how it made an impression on us. 

And speaking of making an impression, it was really neat because Geoff made a point of speaking for a few minutes especially to Victoria.  He told her how special she is and how beautiful she is.  He told her that she had an important role as a big sister and that even though it can be hard and it wasn’t a role she chose, God would give her strength to be the best big sister she can be.  He told her that she would be helping her little sister grow up to be a Godly woman.  And he told her that God had a very special plan for her life.  It was really neat and I think it will be something Victoria will remember for a long time. 

Samara wasn’t too interested in hanging around when I told her I wanted her to meet Mr. Moore.   When I told her that Mr. Moore had two daughters that were born in China just like her, her response was “So?!”  LOL – gotta love it! 

Here’s a picture of us all together.  It was taken on a phone so the quality isn’t the best.    

And by the way, Compassion International is a great organization that we've supported for many years.  We currently sponsor three children through them - Mike and I write to a little boy in Columbia, Victoria writes to a little girl in Ethiopia and Austin writes to a little boy in Ethiopia as well.  I highly recommend the organization and it's a relatively simple way to make a difference in the life of a child.  


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