Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Fall Hike (Part 1)

We had the van in to have new tires put on it last Saturday.  Unfortunately there was a problem and when I called to tell them about it, it turned out I had to bring the van in.  Because we're homeschooling four children, we usually try to schedule these things in the evening or on weekends so I don’t have to drag four kids along with me.  But the mechanic said it would only take half an hour and I figured we could go for a nice walk while we waited.  (The van actually took more than an hour and a half but that’s beside the point!)  The point is that, despite the annoyance of having to have the van back in again on a weekday afternoon, we had a great time on our hike – climbing, balancing, running, skipping, laughing, exploring, breathing in fresh air, etc. . . . We ended up having an unexpected afternoon of fun, just hanging outside together.  

Love these pictures of all the kids looking out at something.  I never set them up that way but it just works out that I have a bunch of these kind of pictures in different locations.  Fun!  

This picture made me laugh because when I looked closer, I noticed Austin is wearing crocs! LOL.  

Brotherly love.  

He found the stick he wanted and took half the forest with it!  


Catherine said...

Such fun moments! My Grandma says, 'Each day holds some lovely secret just waiting to unfold.' I think of this often when unexpected blessings like hikes and special times with our kiddos happen.

Great pics of the fun!

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