Tuesday, 27 November 2012

One of the perks . . .

. . . of learning at home is that we can do it in comfort.  At the end of last week, the tables we usually use for school had been taken down temporarily and so we did school work on the floor in our comfy clothes.  Pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, a real animal . . . !  Fun.  The kids loved it - it was a nice change.  

Frodo was right in there with the two stuffed animals.  Cute!  

And when he was done helping the kids with their school work, he curled up for a little nap.  


Anonymous said...

LOL Oh my goodness !! that is the best post ever :) I wish my class had of been like that,lucky !!
Frodo you are the best pooch !!

Catherine said...

Ah, change is good! What a nice treat for your kiddos and Frodo too!

Hmmm...they offer teleworking for us now. I'd love a day to work in my comfy clothes!

Anonymous said...

Its nice Frodo has some friends to hang out with...hey...are dogs allowed at school? LOL

Anonymous said...

That looks cozy! I think I would have been tempted to take a nap if my school room looked like that! Frodo has the right idea!

Anonymous said...

Toooo cute!

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