Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Three Dimensional Pop Out Shapes

I like the kids to do "busy work) while we do our read alouds.  Sometimes they can come up with their own thing - finger knitting, drawing, colouring, bracelet making, a puzzle, etc.  But sometimes I give them an activity to do too.  The other day I had Victoria and Austin do these three dimensional pop out shapes.  I got the idea from here.  They drew them with pencil first and then traced the lines with a black sharpie marker.  The colouring in was done with oil pastels.  I love how they turned out.  

Victoria's is the blue one and Austin's is the red one.  


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Been wondering if you guys had been just sitting around or something....too quiet on your blog!

Catherine said...

So bright and fun! Great job Victoria and Austin. Hmmm...hadn't thought of doing 'busy work' during reading aloud. Will need to try that!

Anonymous said...

They look great! Good job Victoria and Austin!!

Anonymous said...

Now THAT's art!

Well done!

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