Monday, 5 November 2012


Sometimes he makes me smile in the middle of the day.  

If there's a stuffed animal lying around on the floor (where it's not supposed to be) Frodo will often pick it up and whip it around as hard as he can and then let it go.  We obviously try to discourage this.  He has his own toys that are good for this and he has been known to chew the eyes off of stuffed animals in the past.  But on this particular day, I came into the room to see him lying on the floor all cozy and using one of Denver's stuffed animals as a pillow.  So cute!  

He's actually the laziest dog I've ever met.  He lays around all day long and is quite content to do that.  He's not the kind of dog that follows us around all day - although he likes company and all the activity at our house.  One time we didn't know where he was and we searched in all the usual places he likes to lie.  We finally found him lying on the top of the basement stairs.  The door had been closed when he wanted to come up and he was just waiting patiently for someone to come and open the door.  It made us all laugh!  

Don't get me wrong, there are times when he doesn't make me smile too!  But seriously . . . look at that face (that needs a haircut) and just try not to smile at the cuteness!  


Heather said...

That's hysterical! He's so adorable. What kind of dog is he? A cockapoo?

Anonymous said...

Adorable he is....Love the little guy....

Victoria said...

Frodie face...SO CUTE!!!
And no he is not a cockapoo. He is a havenese.

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