Friday, 2 November 2012

Cardboard Apple Trees

This art project was done a few weeks ago - just getting around to posting it now.  I got the idea from here.  The first thing the kids had to do was peel all the cardboard.  It wasn't done perfectly but that's what gave each piece it's own character.  Then each part - the trunk, hill, apples, etc. - were painted the appropriate colour.  When it was all dry, the whole thing was glued together with a glue gun.  Oh, the glue gun . . . every child feels the need to operate the hot glue gun on his/her own.  I have a hard time with this - I just wanna do it . . . LOL!    I was brave and let each one glue their own.  Thankfully no skin was burned while doing this project!  

I thought the finished masterpieces look great!  


Anonymous said...

Do you have two extra kids you're hiding in the closet somewhere?!?

Catherine said...

LOL! I thought the same thing. 6 trees Karen? What aren't you telling us? :o)

Thought it was fun that one kiddo thought outside the box while all the others put the apples on the tree. Me, the apples would have been on the tree and I would have envied the creative one.

Have you tried the cold glue guns? I haven't tried them but know they're out there...or used to be back in the days of White Rose. Still miss that store.

mc said...

I was just going to looks like you have 6 kids! Or that you and your hubby made one too;) What a fun activity!!

Heather said...

Hi Karen! Those are fabulous pieces of art! You really should make it out to our group so you can share all your amazing ideas. We miss you!

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