Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Fall Hike (Part 2)

As we were walking along the pathway, we came across a man and his dog.  Right away Victoria went up to him to ask if she could pet his dog – which he said was fine.  The dog was so full of energy – being just 18 months old.  She had found a stick along the way and that was her stick that she was very possessive of.  At first the kids spent a few minutes with the dog throwing the stick for her a few times.  And then I told the kids that we should let the man go on his way.  But the man didn't mind and said the kids could continue to play with the dog.  The dog loved it and the man appreciated having a break from throwing the stick over and over and over again for the dog who never seemed to tire.  And what a funny dog she was!  She wanted to play but also gave the kids a hard time when they tried to get the stick from her.  She particularly loved it when they threw it into the water for her.  She loved to swim out to fetch her stick.  So we ended up spending at least a half an hour hanging out with this kind man and his dog.  Another unexpected treat on this particular afternoon. 

At one point the man said to me, "That's one determined little girl you got there!"  Ha - you got that one right sir!  After such a short time hanging out, he got it exactly right!  That's our girl - determined as anything and never giving up!  

This picture makes me laugh so hard!  The dog is partway down the hill going into the swamp pulling as hard as she can on the stick. Samara is holding on as hard as she can to the stick trying to get it away from the dog and Austin is holding on as hard as he can to Samara's leg so she doesn't fall down the hill into the swamp!  LOL!  Hilarious.  


Victoria said...

I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Dogs! Mostly Labs and havenese like Frode's

Anonymous said...

These kind of outings are the best photo ops! Sounds like you had tons of fun!

Anonymous said...

What? I need approval?

Anonymous said...

I love the days that could be stressful....but turn out to be a blessing!

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