Monday 12 November 2012

A Poppy is to Remember

Our Remembrance Day art started with reading the book A Poppy is to Remember.  We talked about the importance of November 11th and about the freedom we enjoy as Canadians.  

I got this project idea from here.  We started our art by cutting out word columns from the newspaper and gluing them on our white paper to add some texture.  Then we painted over the whole thing with blue paint.  We painted coffee filters red and left it all to dry.  Once dry, we finished it up cutting the middles out of the coffee filters and gathering them into poppy shapes.  We stapled the centres to hold them together and glued them onto our page.  A button was glued on for the centre of the poppies and then stems were added with black marker.  The final touch was the title which we tore out of paper, inked the edges and attached with pop-ups. 

Victoria's finished work.  
Samara's finished work.
Austin's finished work.
Denver's finished work.


Anonymous said...

I am important to remember....

Catherine said...

LOVE this!!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

love it that's so amazing .going to try it with the elderly..thanks

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